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Hair & Nails

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19,95 (VAT inclusive)

60 Capsules

Base price: 38,37 € each 100 g

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60 Capsules

Base price: 38,37 € each 100 g

Hair & Nails - 60 Capsules

For hair and nails that cause a sensation

Fingernails that arouse admiration, and lovely hair, with volume, sheen and colour intensity - Who wouldn’t want them?! Sometimes, of course, reality doesn’t quite work that way. But even then, it’s not all that difficult. For true beauty comes from within - or from the metabolism. And that also applies to the nails and hair.

So speaking of hair: Were you aware that your hair grows around 0.2 millimetres every day? It develops from the root. The root of every hair is located in a long “tunnel” (the follicle), that extends down into the lower layers of the skin. Right at the bottom of the tunnel is the hair papilla. That is the growth centre of the hair. It is also where the nutrients for the hair are taken up from the bloodstream. And it is these nutrients that can give the hair a normal silky sheen. Along with normal volume, elasticity and colour intensity. And to make sure this is the case, every Hair & Nails capsule contains the following vital substances and plant materials: vitamin E, vitamin B6, biotin, selenium, silicon, collagen, rosemary, oats, various amino acids, sodium and Indian gooseberry.

Speaking specifically, biotin contributes to maintaining the hair’s shine. This B vitamin also supports the natural health of the scalp and is able to remedy problems with scaling and dandruff. Oats, the medicinal plant of the year 2017, also restore natural sheen to the hair. The active substances in oats have the effect of smoothing the hair, reducing breakage and split ends. If the surface of the hair is smooth and as undamaged as possible, it best reflects the light. The result is naturally gleaming, supple hair.

Collagen, an amino acid, anchors the hair follicles in the scalp and can therefore help to prevent premature hair loss, provided this has no other health-related cause. The same thing is also done by rosemary, the herb, and vitamin E. The intake of collagen also helps to strengthen the hair.

The trace element silicon also strengthens the hair. It does even more, too, and thickens the hair. A pilot study by Hamburg University Hospital found that a daily intake of silicon over a period of six months increased the hair thickness by 13 percent. That gives the hair increased volume and hence also the basis for exciting new hairstyles.

In Indian health and beauty teachings, a very special place is held by the Indian gooseberry, or amla fruit. It is also known in India as the “fruit of eternal youth and beauty” as the substances it contains have a quite remarkable effect on the body. It has therefore been in use in Indian medicine for hundreds of years. In the Ayurveda, it is an extremely important foodstuff and a component in many rasayanas – so-called rejuvenation agents. It is known above all for its effects against hair loss and greying. This is so remarkable that in a recent scientific abstract, the Indian gooseberry was even referred to as a “miracle berry”.

Many people who have challenges with their hair often also have them with their fingernails. The reason is that hair is made of the same material as the fingernails and toenails, namely keratin, a highly stable protein compound.

Strictly speaking, both the nails and hair are dead tissue - but they naturally grow from certain living cells, directly under the skin, and are then pushed forward or outside. As already mentioned, hairs grow out of the papilla and nails from the nail root. Both hair and nails can always only be as healthy as the cells from which they have been formed. And for these cells in particular, a regular intake of certain vital substances is essential. Given the fact that, as we have seen, the hair and nails consist of the same material, the vital substances contained in Hair & Nails not only keep the hair perfect, but also the nails.

In their special combination, the vital substances in Hair & Nails contribute in particular to strengthening the finger nails. Generally speaking, nail varnish and nail care products are unable to “repair” brittleness and breakage. But by taking the right vital substances, you can work wonders from within. Try it – you will be thrilled.

2 capsules contain: Vitamin E – 12 mg α-TE = 100*, pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) – 1,4 mg = 100*, biotin (Vitamin B7) – 50 μg = 100*, selenium – 45 μg = 81*, silicon from mountain flour– 50 mg, collagen hydrolysate – 475 mg, amino acids – 200 mg, rosemary extract – 200 mg, further plant substances – 63 mg.
*= % of the reference amount (NRV) based on the Food Information Regulations.

Recommended daily use: Please take 1 capsule in the morning and in the evening with a sufficient quantity of liquid.

Information for diabetics: 2 capsules contain 0,04 bread unit.

Please note: Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a well-balanced and varied diet as well as a healthy life-style.




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Mein Friseur hat mir seit Jahren wieder ein Kompliment gemacht
from Iris on 30.01.2018
meine tochter 15 nimmt es seit einem monat und siehe da ihre problem haare glänzen :-) und so nimmt sie sogar freiwillig vitamine die sie sonst gar nicht anrühren würde :-)
from Niels on 05.07.2018
Meine Frau ist nach nur einen Monat sehr zufrieden, da dass einreißen Ihrer Nägel schon sehr nachgelassen hat und fester sind! TOP!

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