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Ceramid Complex

article no: 2005

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60 Capsules

Base price: 79,80 € each 100 g

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60 Capsules

Base price: 79,80 € each 100 g

Ceramid Complex - 60 capsules

The source of beautiful skin

Every German person spends 1.47 billion Euro for cosmetics. Beauty is important. We care our skin, make a peeling, use creams and take nutrition supplement. We want a young, silky skin free of wrinkles. But if she gets too less humidity, she looks fade. So we have to improve humidity.
Today we are very proud as we can offer you our new product revolution. The development of our ceramide complex took some time. For Europe, it is a very new product as until now you only found ceramides in cosmetics. This is a premiere as we offer them as nutrition supplement as this is more effective. So let us start…
Our skin contains ceramides. They are called lipids. They act as a barrier; protect skin from draining and the diffusion of impurities. In this way, they act like a kind of stop sign. If these substances are not in balance, our skin gets dry or we get skin diseases like neurodermatitis or psoriasis. Keeping the level of ceramides on top guarantees a healthy skin humidity.

Nature holds so called phytoceramides. This is the herbal equivalent. A lipid that moistens the skin and keeps the skin young. You find them in yams, rice and wheat.

At this point, we want to talk about a noticeable placebo controlled double blind study of Japan of General Medical Sciences. This study has been published in June 2000. For six weeks, 33 persons took 40mg of highly valuable rice extract per day. It was remarkable what they told about the effects.


-    Intensive binding of humidity
-    Minimizes dry skin
-    Tight skin around eyes and cheek
-    Higher resilience
-    Minimizes the feeling of tension of the facial skin
-    Improvement of the complexion

You see that those unremarkable ceramides are strong in its effect. You can buy the most expensive cream but they cannot reach the low layers of skin. This is only possible as highly active phytoceramides have to be ingested and this is the only way they get where they are needed.
Phytoceramides improve the appearance and feeling of skin, hair and nails as they reduce dry skin and redness, they minimize wrinkles and support smooth skin. This is why we are very proud to be Europe’s first provider of phytoceramides in form of capsules.

There is more to come! This product contains additionally pomegranate as it has a high antioxidative effect and may reduce skin aging. We also added copper as it plays a main part for a tight connective tissue. We recommend our new product revolution if you have dry skin, psiorasis or neurodermatitis. Give your skin a lot of humidity. Your skin needs humidity! Shine bright as a diamond!

1 capsule contains: Pomegranate powder - 250 mg, ceramides - 40 mg, copper - 0,5 mg = 50*, manganese – 1 mg = 50*, riboflavin – 0,7 mg = 50*.
* = % of the reference amount (NRV) based on the Food Information Regulations.

Recommended daily use: Please consume daily one capsule per day.

Information for diabetics: 1 capsules contains 0,02 bread unit.

Please note: Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a well-balanced and varied diet as well as a healthy life-style.

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from Birgit on 02.11.2017
Exzellentes Produkt.. Seit der Einnahme benötige ich keine Xxxxxxxxxx nach dem duschen
from Fabienne on 06.11.2017
Ich hätte es nicht für möglich gehalten, aber mein Gesicht "hebt" sich, wirkt gestrafft und dass schon nach der 5. Einnahme! Die Wangen sind etwas aufgepolstert, dadurch sind auch die Mimikfalten etwas reduziert. Ich bemerke ein leichtes Straffungsgefühl an der Stirn, was aber nicht unangenehm ist. Ich bin gespannt, wie es weitergeht mit der Straffung des Gesichts...
from Irene on 06.01.2018
Mein Collagen Lift Drink und Ceramid Complex gehören zur mir, wie mein tägliches Frühstück.. Einfach toll ...
from Manuela on 07.01.2018
Meine durch Akne sehr vernarbte Haut hat sich total verändert, seitdem ich die Produkte Ceramid Complex, den Collagen Lift Drink und die Hyaluronsäure MM in der Kombi einnehme. Hätte ich nie gedacht, dass sich diese Narben die ich schon 35 Jahre mit mir herum trage, sich einmal verändern. Einfach Klasse

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